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Inspiring stories from Supergrans clients.


Emma was a young Mum with a busy 3 year old son who came to SuperGrans for assistance in managing her budget as she needed to reduce her costs.  She and her ‘Gran’ worked really well together and with her new budget and new skills to live on less, SuperGrans helped her get a loan from a bank. Emma got a job milking cows on a dairy farm, worked really hard and one day texted to say she had paid off her loan and was now saving.

Emma is now a partner to one of the dairy farm family and they have 2 sons. She is fully involved in the day by day activities on the farm, she is a keen gardener and has recently engaged with us again to learn the finer points of sewing and finishing garments which she is turning out and selling on Facebook.

Her 3 boys have a great future and love life on the farm where they have 2 caring parents, a great playhouse with their own strawberry patch and pets to care for.

Emma is also now studying for a National Certificate with the Open Polytechnic.

Not so long ago, she bought in a relatively new sewing machine that she has donated to SuperGrans for use with other Clients – her success is the full circle of enabling us to help others. 


Caroline is proud of her achievements and they all started at SuperGrans. Caroline did a course at SuperGrans and learned about all sorts of different foods and how to cook them. She has 4 children and was only cooking basic food for them. She really had fun and enjoyed the course – so much so that she went and did a hospitality and catering course at the local polytech.

Well done Caroline. 


Maihi had left home and was flatting but didn’t have a job and by the time he paid the rent, he was really struggling to find enough to buy his meals. Someone suggested that he went to SuperGrans and asked them to help.

One day, feeling quite shy, he came in to our office and took one of our brochures and then got talking.  He found out that we could help in lots of ways and decided to come back and work with one of our volunteers.

SuperGrans continued to work with Maihi once a week for a couple of months and at the end of this time, he knew how to budget his money much better and had more money after he had paid the rent. He started cooking some of his own meals instead of buying takeaways all the time and even cooked for his flatmates sometimes.

Last time we saw Maihi, he had a lovely new girlfriend and had applied for a job that he was feeling really hopeful about. We haven’t seen him since but it was great to see that he was moving forward with life.

This is just a tiny selection of lots of stories like this from SuperGrans clients. At SuperGrans we get such pleasure from knowing we have helped people and families move into a new and more positive space.  

Some ‘one-liners’ from our clients

I didn’t have the confidence to cook for my family and now I do. At least a couple of times a week I make something and they really like it.

I didn’t know the first thing about gardening and now my kids help me grow vegetables and I even know how to cook them.

I came along at first for the free food that we cooked but then I really got into it and learned so much.

SuperGrans helped me get a lot of confidence back in myself just by being really encouraging and doing things in a group of people.

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